First Levels Welcome


You have never skied before.


You can do snow-plow (wedge) turns in control on gentle slopes. Prefer to ski at a slow pace. Green runs are a challenge for you. You’re skied once or twice.


You can link strong snow-plow turns and wide stance parallel turns at a medium pace. Feel comfortable on green runs but rarely try blue runs.


You can ski parallel turns most blue runs, more advanced blues are still a challenge. You would like to explore more varied terrain. You are attempting small jumps.

Improving Skills

Strong Intermediate

You can ski strong parallel turns on all blue runs and easy black runs. You are learning short turns, off-piste, moguls powder and, more difficult terrain. You’re jumping and trying boxes or rails.


You enjoy the challenge of black diamond runs you can ski powder, moguls, off-piste and can grab over jumps. You may be able to get air in the halfpipe.


You can ski all black diamond runs, steeps you can ski fast in all conditions. You can do most features in the terrain parks.

Why Us

  • 01

    - Skiing in the summer is amazing. It's sunny and reasonably mild for roughly 80% of the
    days in a typical summer. You get to ski without battling the typical elements of winter.

  • 02

    - Years of experience. When you come to us, you know that we've been at this a long time.
    We've learned from trial and error on how to provide an amazing camp experience for our campers.

  • 03

    - Amazing Afternoon Activities. You take away the skiing and you still have awesome summer camp
    type activities to choose from. White water rafting, rock climbing, trampoline, paintball,
    mountain biking, field sports, zip-line/log-walk, cliff jumping, hiking, etc.

Heros Behind the Company

Our ski camps are full-package programs that include everything for your ultimate ski camp experience.

For our ski racers, there is consistently hard to grippy snow conditions, salted courses, no pressure of upcoming races, outstanding coaches, daily video analysis and good weather conditions.

We provide everything during your stay at camp, including picking you up and dropping you off!

Braxton Jacobs

A professional skier, and a determined coach

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